Educational Project

The education and sensibilization of young people in relation to animals and enviroment is a crucial question for the society.
One of the objectives of our Association is to teach the young ones respect for animals and nature.

Some examples:

June 2011

Saturday 4th of June some students and their teacher Cátia from a secondary school 'Escola Secundária Fernão Mendes Pinto' in Pragal (the course on tourism) came to our shelter to deliver us stuff they arranged during a donation campaign they did in their school for the benefit of Bianca shelter.
On behalf of our dogs and cats we would like to thank them for this noble gesture.

Picture on our blog:

Maio 2011

In May Bianca visited the Secondary School in Palmela. Presenttaions were made for class 12 and 7. Class 7 made also a food collection and offered us 163 kg of dry doog food. Our Shakira from the shelter came along and everyone loved her.

Pictures on our blog:

April 2011

Another project within the scope of our educational activity: Bianca was invited to participate in the initiative organised by the Secondary School José Afonso in Loures. The objective of the initiative was to sensibilise young people to the problem of abandoned animals in Portugal and to make them familiar with the work of Bianca Association. At the same time donations and food for animals were collected. The initiave lasted for 2 weeks and underwent under the responsibility of prof. Henrique Fernandes and his class EFA 1A.

Pictures on our blog:

Walks with St Dominic's school

On the 5th of February 2011, 19th of March 2011 and 14th of May 2011 we had a project with St Dominic's school – a sizeable group of children and teenagers came with their parents to walk the dogs and help us with other tasks in the shelter. The project will be a regular one!


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January 2011

On January 2011, Bianca was presented in two schools near Sesimbra. On January 5th, we attend in 'Escola C+S da Quinta do Conde' and on January 20th in 'Escola Secundária de Sampaio'.

The students seems to like learning more about animals and we have a lot to tell. We tell them our daily basis in Biancas' Organization, our goal, what Biancas' fight for and remind women and men of tomorrow this animal cause is also a public sanitary cause.

Quinta do Conde   Sec. Sampaio



November 2010

At the end of November 2010 Bianca went to a kindergarden in Pedreiras near Sesimbra with two dogs. The children loved the dogs, gave them lots of cuddles and played. We loved it too.

We would also like to thank Dr. Liliana and Dr. Carmen from Sesimbra City Hall for their presence.

jardim de infancia  jardim de infancia
jardim de infancia  jardim de infancia

December 2009
On 17th of December 2009 Bianca was at 'Escola Comandante Conceição e Silva' with classes F and G of 6º degree and  class G of 5º degree for another lecture whose aim was to sensibilise children against abandonment and mistreatment of animals.
Thank you to all that made this project possible.

escola  escola
escola  escola

July 2009

This summer, with the cooperation of the Câmara Municipal (the municipality) we held a community project called “Young Holidays”.

The project involved visits of children and teenagers (aged from 8 to 12) in the shelter, every day for a few hours, different groups of children over a period of 3 weeks. In total we hosted around 250 children in our shelter.

They had the pleasure and the opportunity to be in contact with lovely dogs, take care of them, walk them, brush them, play with them.

The children were happy and the dogs were too.

Some children acquired a different view of animals, different from the one they used to have. Now they see animals as loyal friends and members of the family. Those future generations will treat the animals with love and respect.

Educational Project  Educational Project

Educational Project  Educational Project


May 2009

Bianca visits a school in Lisbon and show our work documentary.