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Name: Victor

Gender: Male

D.o.b. approx: 03/2009

Breed: undetermined

Size: big

Features: dewormed, vaccinated, castred and chipped

Personality: a bit shy but gentle and social with people and other animals


Also available for Fostering!


Victor cames from a big litter found on the beach in May 2009. Something must have happened there as all puppies in the litter were quite scared. Those that were adopted by patient families gained trust and became normal dogs. But Victor stayed behind and he was nearly 1 year old when adopted. Then he was already very shy and going to a new place was very stressful for him. His adoptants had no patient and he came back after less than one week. And since then he became even more scared. He hides, it is impossible to catch him when he is outside, he barks ate people he does not know. Only a very special person could give him a home.


Film (Victor and Olinda):









Olinda and Victor:


Victor, puppy:



Siblings: Dafne, Valeria, Valerio, Vera, Vicente and Victor