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Name: Josefin

Gender: Female

D.o.b. approx: 02/2008

Breed: undeterminated

Size: medium

Features: vaccinated, sterilized and chipped

Personality: gentle, a bit shy, social with people and animals


Also avaible for fostering


Movie (Josefin and Dog):  

Josefin was found on the streets a few months ago, already pregnant. She was immediately sterilised. It was not easy to catch her, she was quite scared of people. But we managed. Now she is in the shelter, in a kennel but she is still shy. Or actually even more shy now. Living in the kennel does not help the socialisation of animals - they only see a limited number of people, those that clean their kennels and give them food - and they are used to those people but are scared of others. Josefin is shy but she could be encouraged - if adopted by someone who would have patience with her and give her love and affection, she would learn to trust. She is still very young. Please consider giving her a chance.